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MondayTuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
sep 3 sep 4
Reg Day
sep 5
LEC 1 (fk): Operating systems (handouts: xv6 source, xv6 book)
Preparation: Unix intro
Assignment: Lab 1: C, Assembly, Tools, and Bootstrapping
sep 6 sep 7
sep 10
LEC 2 (ab): PC hardware and x86 programming slides, notes
Preparation: Read Bootstrap/PC hardware appendices and the related xv6 source files
Assignment: HW: Boot xv6
sep 11 sep 12
LEC 3 (TAs): C and gdb (pointers example)
Homework 1 due: Boot xv6
Preparation: Read 2.9 (Bitwise operators), 5.1 (Pointers and Addresses) through 5.5(Character Pointers and Functions) and 6.4 (pointers to structures) in K&R
Assignment: HW: shell
Assignment: Lab 2: Memory management
sep 13
DUE: Lab 1
sep 14
sep 17
LEC 4 (fk): Shell & OS organization
Preparation: Read chapter 0 of the xv6 book.
Homework 2 due: shell
sep 18 sep 19
LEC 5 (fk): Isolation mechanisms
Preparation: Read "Chapter 1: Operating system organization" and the related xv6 source files
Assignment: HW: system calls
sep 20 sep 21
sep 24
LEC 6 (ab): Virtual memory (1) (handouts: page table translation and registers) (slides)
Preparation: Read "Chapter 2: Page Tables"
Homework 3 due: system calls
Assignment: HW lazy page allocation
sep 25 sep 26
LEC 7 (ab): Virtual memory (2) (handout: JOS virtual memory layout) (slides)
Homework 4 due: HW lazy page allocation
Assignment: HW xv6 CPU alarm
Assignment: Lab 3: User-Level Environments
sep 27
DUE: Lab 2
sep 28
oct 1
LEC 8 (fk): System calls, interrupts, exceptions (handouts: IDT)
Preparation: Read "Traps, interrupts, and drivers" and the related xv6 source files
Homework 5 due: HW xv6 CPU alarm
Assignment: HW multithreaded programming
oct 2 oct 3
LEC 9 (ab): Multiprocessors and locking (slides)
Preparation: Read "Locking" with spinlock.c and skim mp.c
Homework 6 due: HW multithreaded programming
Assignment: HW xv6 locks
oct 4
DUE: Lab 3 (Part A)
oct 5
oct 8 - oct 9
Columbus Day
oct 10
Hacking day
Assignment: Lab 4: Preemptive Multitasking
oct 11
DUE: Lab 3 (Part B)
oct 12
oct 15
LEC 10 (ab): Processes and switching
Preparation: Read "Scheduling" up to "Sleep and wakeup" and proc.c, swtch.S
Homework 7 due: HW xv6 locks
Assignment: HW uthreads
oct 16 oct 17
LEC 11 (fk): sleep&wakeup
Preparation: Read remainder of "Scheduling", and corresponding parts of proc.c
Homework 8 due: HW uthreads
Assignment: HW barrier
oct 18
DUE: Lab 4 (Part A)
oct 19
oct 22
LEC 12 (fk): File systems
Preparation: Read bio.c, fs.c, sysfile.c, file.c and "File system" except for the logging sections
Homework 9 due: HW barrier
Assignment: HW big files
oct 23 oct 24
LEC 13 (fk): Crash recovery
Preparation: Read log.c and the logging sections of "File system"
Homework 10 due: HW big files
Assignment: HW crash
Assignment: Lab 6: Networking
Assignment: Lab 7: Final project
oct 25
DUE: Lab 4 (Part B)
oct 26
oct 29
Quiz #1 open book and notes
scope: Lectures 1 through 13, HW 1 through 10, labs 1 through 3
practice: previous years' quizzes.
oct 30 oct 31
Hacking day
Assignment: Lab 5: File system, spawn, and sh
nov 1
DUE: Lab 4 (Part C)
nov 2
DUE: Piazza discussion final project
nov 5
LEC 14 (fk): File system performance and fast crash recovery
Homework 11 due: HW crash
Preparation: Read Journaling the Linux ext2fs Filesystem (1998)
Assignment: mmap()
nov 6 nov 7
LEC 15 (ab): Virtual Memory (3) (slides)
Preparation: Read Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs (1991)
Homework 12 due: mmap
nov 8
DUE: Final project proposal (if doing project)
nov 9
nov 12
Veteran's Day
nov 13 nov 14
LEC 16 (fk): OS Organization
Preparation: Read Exokernel (1995)
Homework 13 due: HW exokernel question
nov 15
DUE: Lab 5
nov 16
nov 19
LEC 17 (cc): Kernels and HLL
Preparation: Read the Biscuit paper (2018)
Homework 14 due: HW Biscuit question
nov 20 nov 21
LEC 18 (ab): Scalable locks (slides) (code)
Preparation: Read Non-scalable locks paper (2012)
Homework 15 due: ticket lock question
nov 22 - nov 23
nov 26
LEC 19 (ab): Scaling OSes slides
Preparation: Read RCU (2013)
Homework 16 due: RCU question
DUE: Email us a status update on your final project (a paragraph)
nov 27 nov 28
LEC 20 (ab): Virtual Machines (1) (slides)
Preparation: Read Software vs Hardware Virtualization (2006)
Homework 17 due: VM question
nov 29 nov 30
dec 3
LEC 21 (ab): Virtual Machines (2) (slides)
Preparation: Read Dune: Safe User-level Access to Privileged CPU Features (2012)
Homework 18 due: Dune question
dec 4 dec 5
Hacking day
dec 6
DUE: Lab 6 (networking) or lab 7 (Final project)
dec 7
dec 10
LEC 22 (fk): High-performance networking
Preparation: Read IX: A Protected Dataplane Operating System for High Throughput and Low Latency (2014)
Homework 19 due: IX question
dec 11 dec 12
LEC 23: demos in class
Project sign-offs
dec 13 dec 14
dec 17 dec 18 dec 19 dec 20
Quiz #2
DUPONT-Gym, 9am-11pm
open book, notes, and papers.
scope: Lectures 14 through last lecture (dec 12), labs 4 and 5.
practice: previous years' quizzes.
dec 21

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