Lab 7: Final JOS project

Piazza Discussion Due, November 2, 2018
Proposals Due, November 8, 2018
Code repository Due, December 6, 2018
Check-off and in-class demos, Week of December 10, 2018


For the final project you have two options:

The goal is to have fun and explore more advanced O/S topics; you don't have to do novel research.

If you are doing your own project, we'll grade you on how much you got working, how elegant your design is, how well you can explain it, and how interesting and creative your solution is. We do realize that time is limited, so we don't expect you to re-write Linux by the end of the semester. Try to make sure your goals are reasonable; perhaps set a minimum goal that's definitely achievable (e.g., something of the scale of lab 6) and a more ambitious goal if things go well.

If you are doing lab 6, we will grade you on whether you pass the tests and the challenge exercise.


Nov 3: Piazza discussion and form groups of 1, 2, or 3 (depending on which final project option you are choosing). Use the lab7 tag/folder on Piazza. Discuss ideas with others in comments on their Piazza posting. Use these postings to help find other students interested in similar ideas for forming a group. Course staff will provide feedback on project ideas on Piazza; if you'd like more detailed feedback, come chat with us in person.

Nov 9: Submit a proposal at the submission website, just a paragraph or two. The proposal should include your group members list, the problem you want to address, how you plan to address it, and what are you proposing to specifically design and implement. (If you are doing lab 6, there is nothing to do for this deliverable.)

Dec 7: submit source code along with a brief write-up. Put the write-up under the top-level source directory with the name "README.pdf". Since some of you will be working in groups for this lab assignment, you may want to use git to share your project code between group members. You will need to decide on whose source code you will use as a starting point for your group project. Make sure to create a branch for your final project, and name it lab7. (If you do lab 6, follow the lab 6 submission instructions.)

Week of Dec 11: short in-class demonstration. Prepare a short in-class demo of your JOS project. We will provide a projector that you can use to demonstrate your project. Depending on the number of groups and the kinds of projects that each group chooses, we may decide to limit the total number of presentations, and some groups might end up not presenting in class.

Week of Dec 11: check-off with TAs. Demo your project to the TAs so that we can ask you some questions and find out in more detail what you did.

Project ideas

If you are not doing lab 6, here's a list of ideas to get you started thinking. But, you should feel free to pursue your own ideas. Some of the ideas are starting points and by themselves not of the scope of lab 6, and others are likely to be much of larger scope.