6.824 Schedule: Spring 2006

Tues/Thurs, 1-2:30, 32-144

The links to lecture/discussion notes are from previous years, so they are only a rough guide to what will happen this year.

Tu Feb 7 Intro + O/S review Lab 1 syscall.c webserver.c    
Th Feb 9 I/O concurrency + Events (1) sysread.c events.c webclient.c webclient_libasync.c    
Tu Feb 14 Events (2) arpc.C Flash Notes Lab 1
Th Feb 16 NFS   NFS Notes  
Tu Feb 21 Virtual Monday      
Th Feb 23 RPC   NFS Toolkit Notes Lab 2
Tu Feb 28 Crash Recovery   RMI Notes Team List
Th Mar 2 Logging   Cedar Notes Lab 3
Tu Mar 7 Cache Consistency and Locking   Echo just Sec 1 to 4 Notes Project Proposal
Th Mar 9 Consistency (1)   Porcupine Notes Lab 4
Tu Mar 14 First Project Conferences      
Th Mar 16 Consistency (2)   Hypervisor Notes  
Tu Mar 21 Version Vectors   Ivy DSM Notes Lab 5
Th Mar 23 Quiz One      
Tu Mar 28 Spring Break      
Th Mar 30 Spring Break      
Tu Apr 4 Two-Phase Commit   Treadmarks Notes  
Th Apr 6 Paxos   Argus Notes  
Tu Apr 11 Viewstamped Replication   FAB skip Sec 4.2 and 6 Notes  
Th Apr 13 Harp   Harp Notes First Draft
Tu Apr 18 Patriot's Day      
Th Apr 20 Second Project Conferences      
Tu Apr 25 Frangipani   Frangipani Notes  
Th Apr 27 Scalable lookup   SUNDR Notes Second Draft
Tu May 2 Wide-area storage   CoDoNS  
Th May 4 Quiz Two      
Tu May 9 Hacking day: no class      
Th May 11 Demo Day      
Tu May 16 Content distribution   Shark  
Th May 18 Distributed computing   MapReduce Project Reports

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