6.824 - Spring 2006

Lab Information

Lab assignments

Lab 1 - Lock Server
Lab 2 - Basic File Server
Lab 3 - File Server: Reading, Writing and Sharing Files
Lab 4 - MKDIR, REMOVE, and Locking
Lab 5 - Cache Consistency

Class Machines

The class machines are:
We have multiple machines so that you can test your networking code on multiple hosts. As the term progresses, we may add additional machines as needed.

Getting an account

To obtain an account on the class machines register on the 6.824 lab registration page.

Changing your password

Your initial password will be mailed to you when your account is created. Please change your password as soon as possible. If you do not change your password, we will assume you are not taking the class and will deactivate your account. Change your password with the passwd command on pain.lcs.mit.edu. Passwords are copied automatically from pain to the other machines once an hour. If you prefer, you can set up an ssh authorized key so that you will not need to use your password.

Aids for working on labs

There are a number of resources available to help you with the lab portion of this course:

Questions or comments regarding 6.824? Send e-mail to 6.824-staff@pdos.lcs.mit.edu.

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