6.824 Demo Schedule

Thursday, May 11th, in 32-144

The class meeting on Thursday, May 11th will be devoted to project demonstrations. Each of the nine teams will have eight minutes. Your presentation should give an overview of what you're trying to achieve, outline how your system works, and finally show a demonstration of your system in action. We'll supply a laptop projector, so you should run your demo from your laptop. Your time is limited, so you should practice the presentation to make sure it is efficient.

We will provide two projectors and screens, and presentations will alternate between them. You should set up your presentation on the other projector while the previous group is presenting.

Here's the schedule:

1:05: Endo, Yang, Zhang, A Framework for Massively Multiplayer Online Game Development

1:13: Cliffer, McLamb, Distributed Wide Area Storage File System

1:21: Ahmad, Fushimi, Mavrommatis, TAGGX: The Tag-Based File System

1:29: Berinde, Dumitran, Ganichev, Lin, Distributed volatile storage for low-latency read access

1:37: Liu, Mozes, Rhodes, Wendel, Distributed Real-time Collaborative Text Editor

1:45: Ahlehagh, Mahoney, Sermulins, Dynamic Load Balancing for Executing Stream Programs on a Cluster

1:53: Jennings, Thiagarajan, Zamfirescu, Improving BitTorrent

2:01: Myers, Carlisle, Cowling, CLOROX: A Data-Centric Architecture for AJAX Applications

2:09: Ginzburg, Reich, Instant Messaging