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SST::XdrPointer< T > Class Template Reference

Template class representing an XDR "pointer" field. More...

#include <xdr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XdrPointer (const T &o)
 XdrPointer (const XdrPointer< T > &o)
bool isNull () const
void clear ()
T & alloc ()
XdrPointer< T > & operator= (const XdrPointer< T > &o)
XdrPointer< T > & operator= (T *o)
T * operator-> () const
T & operator * () const
 operator T * () const

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class SST::XdrPointer< T >

Template class representing an XDR "pointer" field.

A "pointer" in XDR is semantically not so much a pointer as merely an optional instance of some other type, which can be a forward reference to a type not declared yet. In line with this usage, we map XDR pointers to an XdrPointer class that represents a "captured", automatically-managed instance of the appropriate target type.

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