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SST Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
SST::HostThis class encapsulates all per-host state used by the SST protocol
SST::IdentRepresents an endpoint identifier and optionally an associated cryptographic signing key
SST::IdentHostStatePer-host state for the Ident module
SST::SocketAbstract base class representing network attachments for the SST protocols to use
SST::SocketHostStatePer-host state for the Socket module
SST::StreamThis class represents an SST stream
SST::StreamServerThis class represents a server that can accept incoming SST connections
SST::Time64-bit time class convenient for protocol use
SST::TimerClass implementing timers suitable for network protocols
SST::TimerEngineAbstract base class for timer implementations
SST::TimerHostStateAbstract base class providing hooks for time virtualization
SST::UdpSocketMain class representing a UDP socket running our transport protocol
SST::XdrOption< T >Template class representing a length-delimited XDR option
SST::XdrPointer< T >Template class representing an XDR "pointer" field
SST::XdrStreamXDR encoding/decoding stream

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