Unmanaged Internet Architecture

UIA is a distributed name system and ad-hoc routing infrastructure which provides zero-configuration connectivity among users' mobile devices without the use of centralized servers. Each user has a local namespace which is shared among all her devices and is always available on every device. Users can assign personal names to each of their devices, and can also name other users and access their friends' namespaces. UIA devices automatically maintain connectivity with other named devices, both in ad-hoc networks and in the global Internet when available.


The UIA distribution does not yet have a stable release. However, anonymous Subversion access is available. You can browse the source code, or you can check out a copy of the repository:

  % svn co svn://svn.pdos.csail.mit.edu/uia/trunk/uia

A rudimentary quick start guide for Ubuntu is available, as well as for Mac OSX.

Please send comments, questions, and feedback to the UIA Users' Mailing List.



Related Projects


UIA is sponsored by the T-Party Project, a joint research program between MIT and Quanta Computer Inc., Taiwan, by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement ANI-0225660 (Project IRIS) and the NSF FIND program, with additional support from Nokia Research Center Cambridge.
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