6.894: Distributed Operating Systems Engineering

6.894 - Fall 2000

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12/19 Final solution is here, class mean 95.935, median 95

12/18 The final is over. Happy Holidays!!

What is 6.894 about?

6.894 is a core 12-unit graduate subject with lectures, labs, and quizzes. It will present abstractions and implementation techniques that allow the design of Internet systems that can deal with real-world workload. Topics include server design, network programming, naming, storage systems, security, and fault tolerance.

Prereq: 6.033(or equivalent) and substantial programming experience with C/C++ for lab assignments and final project .

If you feel you know enough about systems engineering, an alternative subject to 6.894 is 6.899. 6.899 is a graduate equivalent of 6.894, but focuses on the engineering of networks. If you are a graduate student in systems or networking, we recommend you take both classes during your graduate career. You should not take them both in the same term, though, since both have heavy-duty projects.

Questions or comments regarding 6.894? Send e-mail to TA at jinyang@lcs.mit.edu.

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