6.894: Distributed Operating Systems Engineering

6.894 News - Fall 2000

11/16/00. Final is Monday, Dec 18., 9am-noon, in Walker.

11/11/00. Grading Policy:

11/6/00. Midterm solution is up. The class Mean is 88.28, Median 89.

9/12/00. Completing 6.894 will give you 6 EDPs.

9/7/00. Although twice as many students have indicated interest in 6.894 as we originally intended to support, we don't want to arbitrarily turn anyone away. Thus we will let anyone enroll who completes and hands in a working First Lab by Thursday the 14th.

9/1/00. 6.894 has limited enrollment! To sign up, come to the first lecture (Thu 9/7) If necessary, we will decide then how to limit enrollment

9/1/00. The web pages are under major construction through 9/6. The main information about 6.894 is mostly up to date, but except many changes in detailed information. In particular, we expect to update the schedule (e.g., what papers to read) and the lab pages. On 9/7, please revisit the pages.

Questions or comments regarding 6.894? Send e-mail to the jinyang jinyang@lcs.mit.edu.

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