6.894: Distributed Operating Systems Engineering

6.894 - Fall 2000

General Information

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6.894 is a core graduate subject with lectures, labs, and quizzes. 6.894 is 12 units. 6 EDPs.

Lectures (1.5 hour twice a week)

Each lecture will have assigned one paper to read. You should read this paper before coming to class. Some lectures will also have recommended papers; you are encouraged to read those, but not required.

6.894's programming assignments are based on 6.033 labs For those who have taken the 6.033 lab in the past, the assignments will be different from 6.033 labs and more challenging.

6.894 will have a mid-term and a final, as well as a paper on your final project.


Grading and collaboration policy

Grade for this class will be based on:

The mid-term, final, and the programming assignments (except for the final project) must be done individually; the project (paper and code) can be done in teams of two or three students. For the programming assignments you are allowed to discuss the problem with other students, but we expect you to work out the project on your own (i.e., you should do the coding and writing of design documents on your own). Similarly, for the project, each team is responsible for its own code and documentation. Borrowing code from previous students of the 6.033 lab is forbidden. Talk to the TAs if you have any questions or concerns.


Class meetings

6.894 is scheduled TR 1-2:30 in 36-156.



Frans Kaashoek   NE43-522   3-7149   kaashoek@mit.edu
Robert Morris   NE43-509   3-5983   rtm@lcs.mit.edu
Teaching assistant
Jinyang Li   NE43-521A   3-5261   jinyang@lcs.mit.edu
Course secretary
Neena Lyall   NE43-523   3-6019   lyall@lcs.mit.edu

Office hours

Jinyang: Tue 5-6pm, Friday 1-3pm.

Questions or comments regarding 6.894? Send e-mail to the jinyang jinyang@lcs.mit.edu.

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