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MondayTuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
aug 31
Reg Day
sep 1 sep 2
LEC 1 (rtm): Introduction and examples (handouts: xv6 book) video
Preparation: Read chapter 1 (for your amusement: Unix)
Homework 1 due: Question
Assignment: Lab util: Unix utilities
sep 3 sep 4
sep 7
Labor Day
sep 8 sep 9
LEC 2 (TAs/dm): C and gdb (pointers example)
Preparation: 2.9 (Bitwise operators) and 5.1 (Pointers and addresses) through 5.6 (Pointer arrays) and 6.4 (pointers to structures) by Kernighan and Ritchie (K&R)
Assignment: Lab syscall: System calls
sep 10
DUE: Lab util
sep 11
sep 14
LEC 3 (fk): OS organization and system calls (boards) video
Preparation: Read chapter 2 and xv6 code: kernel/proc.h, kernel/defs.h, kernel/entry.S, kernel/main.c, user/initcode.S, user/init.c, and skim kernel/proc.c and kernel/exec.c
Homework 2 due: Question
sep 15 sep 16
LEC 4 (fk): Page tables (boards) video
Preparation: Read Chapter 3 and kernel/memlayout.h, kernel/vm.c, kernel/kalloc.c, kernel/riscv.h, and kernel/exec.c
Homework 3 due: Question
Assignment: Lab pgtbl: Page tables
sep 17
DUE: Lab syscall
sep 18
sep 21
LEC 5 (TAs/nk): Calling conventions and stack frames RISC-V
Preparation: Read Calling Convention
sep 22 sep 23
LEC 6 (rtm): Isolation & system call entry/exit
Preparation: Read Chapter 4 and kernel/riscv.h, kernel/trampoline.S, and kernel/trap.c
Homework 4 due: Question
Assignment: Lab traps: Trap
sep 24
DUE: Lab pgtbl
sep 25
sep 28
LEC 7 (rtm): Q&A
Preparation: Q&A
Homework 5 due: Question
sep 29 sep 30
LEC 8 (fk): Virtual memory (1) (slides)
Preparation: Read Section 6 of Chapter 4
Homework 6 due: Question
Assignment: Lab lazy: Lazy allocation
oct 1
DUE: Lab trap
oct 2
oct 5
LEC 9 (fk): Q&A
Preparation: Q&A
Homework 7 due: Question
oct 6 oct 7
LEC 10 (fk): Interrupts
Preparation: Read Chapter 5 and kernel/kernelvec.S, kernel/plic.c, kernel/console.c, kernel/uart.c, kernel/printf.c
Homework 8 due: Question
Assignment: Lab cow: Copy-on-write fork
oct 8
DUE: Lab lazy
oct 9
oct 12
Columbus Day
oct 13
Monday schedule
Hacking day: no class meeting; work on the lab
oct 14
LEC 11 (fk): Multiprocessors and locking (slides)
Preparation: Read "Locking" with kernel/spinlock.h and kernel/spinlock.c
Homework 9 due: Question
Assignment: Lab thread: Multithreading
oct 15
DUE: Lab cow
oct 16
oct 19
LEC 12 (rtm): Processes and switching
Preparation: Read "Scheduling" up to "Sleep and wakeup" and kernel/proc.c, kernel/swtch.S
Homework 10 due: Question
oct 20 oct 21
LEC 13 (rtm): sleep&wakeup
Preparation: Read remainder of "Scheduling", and corresponding parts of kernel/proc.c, kernel/sleeplock.c
Homework 11 due: Question
Assignment: Lab lock: Parallelism/locking
oct 22
DUE: Lab thread
oct 23
oct 26
LEC 14 (fk): File systems
Preparation: Read kernel/bio.c, kernel/fs.c, kernel/sysfile.c, kernel/file.c and "File system" (except for the logging sections)
Homework 12 due: Question
oct 27 oct 28
LEC 15 (fk): Crash recovery
Preparation: Read kernel/log.c and the logging sections of "File system"
Homework 13 due: Question
Assignment: Lab fs: File system
oct 29
DUE: lab lock
oct 30
nov 2
LEC 16 (rtm): File system performance and fast crash recovery
Preparation: Read Journaling the Linux ext2fs Filesystem (1998)
Homework 14 due: Question
nov 3 nov 4
LEC 17 (fk): Virtual Memory (2) (slides)
Preparation: Read Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs (1991)
Homework 15 due: Question
Assignment: Lab mmap: Mmap
nov 5
DUE: Lab fs
nov 6
nov 9
LEC 18 (rtm): OS and Networking
Homework 16 due: Question
nov 10 nov 11
Veteran's Day
Assignment: Lab net: Network stack
nov 12
DUE: Lab mmap
nov 13
nov 16
LEC 19 (rtm): OS Organization
Preparation: Read L4
Homework 17 due: HW exokernel question
nov 17 nov 18
LEC 20 (ab): Virtual Machines (slides)
Preparation: Read Software vs Hardware Virtualization (2006) or Disco?
Homework 18 due: VM question
nov 19 nov 20
nov 23 - nov 29
nov 30
LEC 21 (fk): Kernels and HLL
Preparation: Read the Biscuit paper (2018), FAQ
Homework 19 due: HW Biscuit question
dec 1 dec 2
LEC 22 (rtm): Scalable locks (slides) (code)
Preparation: Read Non-scalable locks paper (2012), FAQ
Homework 20 due: ticket lock question
dec 3 dec 4
dec 7
LEC 23 (rtm): RCU notes, 2018 slides
Preparation: Read RCU paper (2013), FAQ
Homework 21 due: RCU question
dec 8 dec 9
LEC 24: demos in class
DUE: Lab net
dec 10 dec 11

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