Fall 2011
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  • Dec 18: We've posted videos of the lectures, recorded by HaoQi Li. You can find them linked from the schedule.

  • Nov 20: Lab 7, the final project, is out.

  • Nov 16: Lab 6 is out.

  • Nov 3: Lab 5 is out (sorry for the delay).

  • Oct 12: Lab 4 is out. This lab changes the VM layout slightly, so we've updated the JOS VM handout accordingly. We also improved the makefile's qemu targets: now even the targets that don't end in -gdb will accept GDB connections, but they'll stop the VM when/if GDB connects (while the -gdb targets wait for a connection before booting).

  • Sep 29: We've updated the lab tools guide and added general debugging tips in addition to the raw reference material.

  • Sep 28: Lab 3 is out.

  • Sep 22: Quiz 2 will be held during finals week on Monday, December 19, from 1:30pm–4:30pm in du Pont.

  • Sep 14: Lab 2 is out.

  • Sep 7: Lab 1 is out.

  • Sep 1: Lectures will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm in 32-144. The first lecture will be on Wednesday, September 7th.

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