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SST::UdpSocket Member List

This is the complete list of members for SST::UdpSocket, including all inherited members.
active()SST::Socket [inline]
bind(const QHostAddress &addr=QHostAddress::Any, quint16 port=0, QUdpSocket::BindMode mode=QUdpSocket::DefaultForPlatform)SST::UdpSocket [virtual]
errorString()SST::UdpSocket [inline, virtual]
flow(const Endpoint &dst, Channel chan)SST::Socket [inline]
localEndpoints()SST::UdpSocket [virtual]
localPort() (defined in SST::UdpSocket)SST::UdpSocket [inline, virtual]
receive(QByteArray &msg, const SocketEndpoint &src)SST::Socket [protected]
send(const Endpoint &ep, const char *data, int size)SST::UdpSocket [virtual]
send(const Endpoint &ep, const QByteArray &msg) (defined in SST::Socket)SST::Socket [inline]
setActive(bool act)SST::Socket
Socket(SocketHostState *host, QObject *parent=NULL) (defined in SST::Socket)SST::Socket [inline]
UdpSocket(SocketHostState *host, QObject *parent=NULL) (defined in SST::UdpSocket)SST::UdpSocket

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