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SST::Timer Member List

This is the complete list of members for SST::Timer, including all inherited members.
backoff(qint64 period, qint64 maxperiod=failMax)SST::Timer [inline, static]
failed()SST::Timer [inline]
failMaxSST::Timer [static]
interval() const (defined in SST::Timer)SST::Timer [inline]
isActive() const SST::Timer [inline]
restart()SST::Timer [inline]
retryMaxSST::Timer [static]
retryMinSST::Timer [static]
start(qint64 initperiod=retryMin, qint64 failperiod=failMax)SST::Timer [inline]
stop()SST::Timer [inline]
timeout(bool failed)SST::Timer [signal]
Timer(TimerHostState *host, QObject *parent=NULL)SST::Timer
TimerEngine (defined in SST::Timer)SST::Timer [friend]

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