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p2psim: home

April 18, 2005: new p2psim-0.3 tarball to fix some compilation issues.
April 15, 2005: p2psim-0.3 released (new in p2psim-0.3). Please see the howto page.
November 11, 2004: There is a p2psim mailing list.
August 9, 2004: "King" data set released.
July 28, 2004: p2psim-0.2 released. Please see the howto page.

p2psim is a free, multi-threaded, discrete event simulator to evaluate, investigate, and explore peer-to-peer (p2p) protocols. p2psim runs in several UNIX-like operating systems. p2psim is part of the IRIS project.

To make understanding peer-to-peer protocol source code easy, to make comparing different protocols convenient, and to have reasonable performance.

Because p2psim uses threads, implementations look like algorithm pseudo-code, which makes them easy to comprehend. p2psim supports several peer-to-peer protocols, making comparisons between different protocols convenient. p2psim maximizes concurrency for performance, minimizes the need for synchronization, and avoids deadlocks.

This is an alpha version of p2psim. We would value your feedback with suggestions and improvements.

p2psim already supports Chord, Accordion, Koorde, Kelips, Tapestry, and Kademlia. These implementations are specific to p2psim. They consist of substantially fewer lines of code than the real implementations.

Thomer M. Gil
Frans Kaashoek
Jinyang Li
Robert Morris
Jeremy Stribling