LBFS: Distribution

LBFS requires SFS 0.7 to run. It requires a modified in-kernel NFS client that sends CLOSE RPCs. A patch for FreeBSD is available here .

To run the LBFS server, you will need to set up a SFS server, and use sfslbsd, instead of sfsrwsd, as the file server. See here for more information on SFS. To run the LBFS client, you will need to set up a SFS client environment, and use sfslbcd to mount pathnames that start with "lbfs:". For example,


Get the distribution via CVSweb

Or, you can checkout the source via anonymous CVS:

%cvs -d login
%CVS password:
%cvs -z5 -d co -P lbfs
(Just type return at the password prompt.)
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