6.824 Fall 2002 Project Reports

Footloose: A Distributed Data Buffer for Primarily Disconnected Operation (WINNER). Chen, Mazzola, Saff, Yeh

Starfish: Resilient Distributed Data Structures in Untrusted Environments. Bicket, Biswas, Gupta
Chunk: A Framework for Modular Distributed Shared Memory Systems. Fedorova, Scanlon
Robust Distributed Storage Using Erasure Codes. Anderson, Frey, Koskelin
Automated Build and Test System. Duvall, Leger, Maze
Panaché: A Scalable Distributed Index for Keyword Search. Lu, Sinha, Sudan
Makhzan. Abdala, Al-Naffouri, Anwar, Kaleem
SpamStrangler: A Chord-Based Distributed Spam Detection Tool. Chung, Tarashansky, Vajapeyam, Wagner
Application-Specific File Caching for Unmodified Applications and Kernels. Ledlie, Lloyd, Traub
Syncframe: A Multi-Peer Synchronization Framework. Elledge, Garfinkel, Levine, Robertson
Java Replicated Objects. Ke, Pham, Sen, Solis
Implementing Overcast: A High-Level Multicast Protocol. Craig, Krikorian, Sylvestro, Willenson
CryptoShare: Secure Verifiable Shared Remote File System. Hanna, Nightingale, Michalakis
Amorpheus: A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Resilient Overlay Routing. Leong, Li, Lim
WashuDCFS: Distributed Consistent File Sharing across Peer Server Systems. Chou, Yankama, Xu
RMI for C++ Rapid Application Development of Distributed Event Driven Software. Alperin, Dopson, Purtell
A Fault-tolerant Distributed Mail Service. Bhattacharya, Cheng, Dickinson
A Distributed, Semantic Similarity Filter for E-mail. Christakos, Roy, Schmidt
Practical Durable Writes for Commodity Disks. Jamieson, Shih