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July 2003: 6.097 will be offered in the Fall of 2003. The new course number will be 6.828, 12 Grad-H units (perfect for Meng students). Lectures will be MW1-2.30. As soon as the course number is approved officially, you can register for the class.

The web site for 6.097 is heavily under construction, reflecting the current state of 6.097 in general. Fall 2002 is the first semester that 6.097 is offered, and as a result 6.097 has rough edges.


19 November 2002: Lab 6 has been posted.

7 November 2002: Lab 5 has been posted.

27 October 2002: Quiz I solutions have been posted.

27 October 2002: Solutions to lab 2 and 3 have been posted.

21 October 2002: Quiz Review tonight 7-9pm in 34-301

18 October 2002: Lab 4 has been posted.

2 October 2002: Lab 3 has been posted.

11 September 2002: Turn-in policy and office hours announced. Refer here.

1 September 2002: The class will be limited to a small number of students (20). We don't know whether 6.097 is over subscribed or not, so just register and show up on the first day of classes (Wed. Sept. 4). If it is oversubscribed, we will figure out then what to do.

Questions or comments regarding 6.097? Send e-mail to the TA at 6.097-staff@pdos.lcs.mit.edu.

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