The Macy - Roberts Cross Country Road Trip Extravaganza!

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Destination: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

With historical events clearly fresh on the travelers' minds, Dan and Greg make a slight detour on their strictly held itinerary. They veer west to visit the location of turning point of the Civil War, the battle of Gettysburg. It was here that the Yankees caught up to the Red Sox and gave them a whoopin’ they would never forget. At first the blue team was outnumbered and pushed back into a defensive position by the red team. However, after reinforcements for both teams arrived the blue guys really took the upper hands forcing the red guys to retreat leaving their muskets and cannons behind. Here Greg is able to fire the red teams cannons letting them know they left all their good armament behind.
*Note the symbolic symbol Greg uses as he raises the victory/peace sign.

”FIRE” … last time for peace on earth

As Greg fires the red's ol’ cannon into the empty field where once thousands lay dead and wounded, Dan pays his respects to those who fought from his homeland of Minnesota. Here Dan gives his props to those peps from the MW (Midwest yo). You know who you are!

All Respect and Love mon’ for those who fought for the freedom of all

With their historical roots restored once more the two head to towards the District of Columbia, Americas fiftieth and a half state.

Destination: Washington, D.C.

Upon arrival in our nations capitol Dan and Greg feel the urge to visit Lincoln’s Memorial and let him know what a great speech he gave at Gettysburg. Sadly, he was deep in meditation at the time the two arrived. Not to mention he was a giant and very pasty white. Guess that’s what happens when you live to be over 150 years old. Either way he showed the two why he was one of the greatest presidents.

Dan, Abe, Penny, and Greg

As the two walked out of Lincoln’s permanent abode, they found themselves standing at the very place where the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Note the fine state of the travelers toes! They gave each other pedicures.

A very famous spot, etched only 2 weeks before the adventurers arrive

As the two step down from the Greek-like building they take a moment to reflect upon the reflecting pool. It seems that in early August the Canadian Honkers take a break from their great migration to chill in the reflecting pool and view that great phallic symbol called “Washington’s Monument”. Dan thinks it looks a lot like an Egyptian Obelisk.

Dan and Washington’s, uh, Monument

Perusing through “The Mall”, which is more of a park than a mall due to the lack of shops and Gap stores, the two come across the Korean War Memorial. It is here that Greg snaps a photo of the marble etched wall, while Dan salutes those who gave their lives in the ‘Forgotten War’. You can even see their reflections amongst the etched out faces.

Dan, Greg, A little girl, and the Korean War Memorial

Speaking of reflections the two come across a magic mirror as they peruse the mall. This magic mirror’s purpose is to show a person looking into it “who they are." The two aren’t sure if the mirror’s claim is true, but you can determine that for yourself.

Is this really Dan and Greg, or an Illusion

Instead of the mirror describing how fair and beautiful the two are it tells them their future will contain a trip through the Air and Space Smithsonian, if they can make it there before it closes. Since visiting this museum was their dream since childhood they scramble to make it before the doors are closed for eternity (or at least the next morning). As luck would have it, they make it with a half hour to run the gauntlet of aircraft, rockets, and spacecraft. Here, Greg is so amazed at the overwhelming plethora of rocket engines, he turns white, and passes out in a Del Le Val Nozzle.

A rocket scientist faints at the sight of so many rocket engines

With little time remaining the two try to outwit the security guards, who are rounding up people to exit the museum like a cattle drive across the old west, by purchasing tickets for the six o’clock ‘International Space Station 3D’ Imax. The tactic has little effect as the overwhelming security force corrals the two within the museums entrance. A place they toured significantly during their frantic spree to gather in all the exhibits in a far too short 20 minutes. Happily, the 3D Space Station Imax easily makes up for the lack of time spent at the museums exhibits. Here Dan shows off how clean his nose is when properly picked as Greg stares in amazement at the polarization effect seen through the free fashionable glasses handed prior to the movie's launch (pun intended).

Dan and Greg view the International Space Station in three dimensions

Destination: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

As darkness creeps over our nation's capitol the two set out for Shenandoah National Park an hour southwest of the city. This lesser known park's main attraction is the Skyline Rd., which runs a certain portion of the Appalachian's most beautiful mountain ridges. It is here that an eery haze fills the valley’s below. Could it be more pirates? Dan and Greg weren’t going to hang around to find out.

Shenandoah’s Oak Covered Mountains

Although the east’s major mountain range doesn’t compare to the grandeur of the Rockies, it’s own uniqueness shows threw in it’s vegetation. Few of the peaks reach above the tree line which is nearly all deciduous trees. The oaks grow tall and strong crating a canopy over the Skyline Rd as shown in this perfectly-taken photograph.

Skyline Road and its Oak Trees

The road stretched far and leads the two further on their journey towards the sands of Kitty Hawk, where the birthplace of manned flight lies waiting to be appreciated by the two greatest adventurers of all time (besides Lewis and Clark….and that team that went to the south pole….well….and also those two guys to do the first spacewalk….and…you get the point).

... stay tuned for Episode 8, who knows what’ll happen next ...

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