Hyperlinker is a tool for authors to modify the way they use hyperlinks in their text. By adding attributes to their link tags, authors can produce content automatically that collects and displays meta-data about the links in their piece. Hyperlinker pulls out the people and organizations mentioned in the piece, providing a summary for the reader. Hyperlinker also can create an additional reading list based on content linked to in the piece, and call out the original story if this is a reactionary piece. Hyperlinker provides a button for the user to turn links in the article on and off, and a way to link to several different sites using one underlined word or phrase.

You can use Hyperlinker by including the following javascript and css files in your article html:

And creating the following four divs: As shown in this example.

Here is an article using Hyperlinker: Hyperlinking in Journalism

And here is the same article without Hyperlinker: Hyperlinking in Journalism (without Hyperlinker)

Thoughts on hyperlinking.

Created by Neha Narula May 2012