Learning to Code

Here are some resources if you'd like to learn to write code, and are starting at the very beginning.

I think there are actually two things people are talking about when they describe "learning to code" -- one is actually programming, and the other is learning how systems (like an operating system, a web server, or a mobile app) work. If you work in technology, but not as a software engineer, the latter is probably more useful. However, I'd recommend putting in the effort to learn a little bit about programming because it teaches you how to think about software. This is helpful no matter what your position.

If you have never programmed before and are not even really sure what it is, I'd suggest learning Python. Python is one of the best languages to start with, and in the beginning it's about learning what programming is and how to do it instead of trying to complete a full project. Later on, if you want to build a mobile app or a website, you can find resources targeted specifically towards that.

Programming in general

First, learn a little bit about the terminology, and how a programming language fits in with making an application:

Development on a mac

If you can learn by yourself

If you need a class

Learning with women

Extended learning

You can build a website in Python, but even if you want to build something else you'll soon realize that the concepts are pretty much the same in any language (for example, Ruby for web development, Java for Android, and Swift and Objective-C for iOS).