'BERMEWJAN VURDS' - Our Bermuda Dictionary

A special thanks to Peter A. Smith and Fred M. Barritt, who wrote the original works.





ACE BOY            1) generic for of addressing somebody: "Hey, ACE BOY, pass de black" 
2) a close friend, when used in the possessive: "Zeppy's my ACE BOY" 

1) become agitated: "He got drunk and started ACTIN UP". "She got angry and ACTED UP". "The weather ACTED UP and they got wet".
2) Malfunction: "I'm gonna be late 'cause my bike's ACTIN UP". 

ACTA              Someone who corns others. 

AFFERT              Strenuous exertion: "Dis book vas a real AFFERT to write". 

AG SHOW              The annual Bermuda Agricultural Exhibition held in the Botanical Gardens in April. 

AX-PACT              Just what you'd expect. 

ARRYBODY              All persons: "I'm gonna have a big party and inwite ARRYBODY." 

ARRYWUN              See ARRYBODY.

ARRYTHING              The entire Universe. 

THE ARTS            Martial Arts: “My boy studies THE ARTS, don’t mess wif him!”

AUNNGH              (Gutteral sound) affirmative: "More rum?" "AUNNGH!" 

Stupid, frustrating, dopey people. 

AX              1) Interrogate; Question: "Don't AX me, I don't know". 
2) Motorbike or moped: "Don't AX me about my AX, it's got a flat." 

AX-PACT              Just what you'd expect. 



BACKATAWN              The section of Hamilton, north of Victoria street. 

BACKIN UP              Gay. See QWER. 

BAILINS/BAYTHINS              Swimming costume: "You lot got ya BAILINS?" 

BALCO              Bermuda Electric Light Company. 

BANKS              Challenger Banks or Argus Banks - shoals 30 miles to the south-west of Bermuda. 

BAY              Bailey's Bay. 

BAYGON              Perfume for cockroaches. 

B.B.C.              Barely Broadcasting Company. 

BEACH              Horseshoe Bay. 

BEER              An omnivorous mammal of the family Ursidae: "Polar BEERS and Grizzly BEERS are dangerous." 

BERMUDA ROT              A rash-like circular flaking on the skin caused by too much sun. NOT the usual peeling experienced by the novice sun worshippers. 

BERMUDA TIME              Late, as usual. 

BERMEWJUN              From Bermy. 

BERMY              Bermewder, De Rock, Home. 

BESS              The superlative of Val: "Bermy is de BESS place in de vurld." 

BIN              Past tense of to be: "Where you BIN?" 

BIRD              1) Form of addressing friends used mainly by older Bermudians. 
2) Facial hair. 

THE BIRD CAGE              Where the policeman stands to direct traffic on Front street. 

BIRFDAY              The day you was born. 

BLACK RUM              1) Half a Dark 'n Stormy. 
2) A panacea. 
3) Great for temporary relief of occasional minor irregularities. 
4) To put in fish chowder. 

BLACK              Black Seal Rum. 

BLINDS              Sun Glasses. 

DE BLOCK             The backatawn section of Court Street. "You vant some some herb, go ron DE BLOCK." 

BONG-EE              1) A very large marble (often a steel ball-bearing) 
2) Bong-ee like: "Shis got some girt big BONG-EE eyes!" 

BOSS              Generic form of addressing someone other than your employer. 

BREFFALIZER              A device the police use to prove that the average motorist has more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood.

BURP            An alcoholic drink: “Have one more BURO before you go!”

BURR             An alcoholic beverage made from barley and hops: "Heineken and Amstel are good BURRS." 

BUSH              1) Third world: bush mechanic or bush-doctor. 
2) Of poor quality: "Bye, wear dyu get dat BUSH wideo?!" 

BYE              1) A male child. 
2) Plural BYES: "WE BYES wrote this book and US BYES and THEM BYES and we sold it to YOU BYES." 

BYE-NO-BYE              Surely you jest (shocked and amazed).



CATCHERSELF              Slow down and consider the consequences of your actions: "You bess CATCHERSELF or I'll mass you up!" 

CHINGAS              1) Shucks 
2) Wow! 

CHOPSIN            Chattering idly.

CHUR              A piece of furniture upon which to sit at a table. 

CHYL-UP              Impregnate. 

COALWUN              A beer. 

COCKROACH              A rum drink. As in, "I'll have me a COCKROACH and ginger." 

Pointy-toed shoes. 

COLLA              Rad and yallow are COLLAS. 

COLLEGE, DE               The Bermuda College Department of Academic Studies. 

COLLEGE WEEKS              The time of year when the first longtails arrive. 

CONCRATE              Cement. 

CONTRA-SEPTICS              Birth control devices. 

COOL-COOL              I'm fine, everything's okay. 

CORK              To be hit on the head: "I got CORKED by a golfball yesterday." 

CRACK-UP              Laugh hard. 

CRAWL              Crawl Hill. 

CRICKET              A game played around Crown & Anchor tables. 

CRISP              See COOL. 

CRUCIAL              Very nice; excellent: "That karate movie was CRUCIAL." 

CUPMATCH              A national holiday on the Thursday and Friday nearest August 1st during which Somerset plays St.George's and the rest of us play Crown and Anchor or go camping. 

CURVE, DE              Curving Avenue. "I live ron DE CURVE." 

CUT LOOSE              Sever all ties; no longer associate with: "If you act up, I'll CUT YOU LOOSE." 

Looking malevolently at.



DAHN              Not up: "DAHN de road." 

DAHN-DE-COUNTRY              Eastwards, towards St. George's. 

DARK 'N STORMY              Bermuda's national drink - Black rum and gingerburr. 

DE              The definite article: "DE birds and DE bees." 

DEAL              1) A common surname - "Sir Bayard DEAL" 
2) A type of pickle - "I love DEAL pickles." 

DEAL-WIF              Handle vigourously, without mercy: "Don't mess wif me else I'll DEAL-WIF you!" 

DE DEAL              1) "What's DE DEAL?" - What's going on? 
2) "You know DE DEAL" - You know how things work. 

DECKED OUT              1) Well dressed. 

DEDDY              Biological father - not necessarily the guy who lives with your mother.

DEN              Then: "You alright, DEN?" 

DICKTY              ‘Pert’ (Fancy)

DIDDLY-BOP              A teenager riding his blade. 

DIPPIN              Swerving in and out of traffic on a bike. 

This & that. 

DOCKS              Docksiders; (boat shoes.) 

DOLLAS              Something with a high price: "That stereo costs some DOLLAS!" 

DONE              1) Tired 
2) Drunk/Stoned. 

DUCKING STOOL              The costal park area north of Black Watch Pass - where the ducking stool was before they moved it to St.Georges.



EEZ              Sex: "I'm gonna go ron my skirt's gates tonight and get some EEZ." 

EEZ-ME-UP              Give me a break, do me a favour: "I know I was speeding, your honour, but EEZ-ME-UP." 

ELACKSHUN              A time when people that you haven't seen for four years or so come to your house and ask if everything's okay. 

EMPIRE              Officials at cricket/ softball games: "The EMPIRE'S blind!" 

ENH-ENNHH              See BYE-NO-BYE.

ERS             1) Things on the sides of your head for hearing. 
2) Airs - "putting on ERS." 

EX-PATS              Foreigners, mainly English, here on a working vacation. 



FAT              Same as the 'F' word, but can be said in the presence of your mother, aka FACK and FATTEN. 

FEEL CHEAP              Embarrassed. 

THE FLAGPOLE              The flagpole on Front Street at the bottom of Burnaby Hill. 

FLOP DE LIZARD              Urinate (males). 

FOR DAZE              A very long time: "My momma ain't been seen FOR DAZE!" 

FORTY              The Forty Thieves Club, last known as Scandals Nightclub. 

FOX              See FAT. 

FRAWG              Toad (Ohglius flatae) 

A cedar goblet with a loose ring around the stem, carved from a single piece of wood. Also, MARRIAGE GOBLET: same, but with two rings. 

FULLISH              Crazy; Out of your mind: "You're leaving this party to go home to your wife? You must be FULLISH!" 

FUR              1) Fair "Vitney vahtsit FUR." 
2) Fear: "I could see FUR in his eyes!" 



GARRL              Feminine of BYE. 

GATES              House: "Come round my GATES for a drink." 

GAWN MISSIN              Disappeared through no fault: "My golf clubs have GAWN MISSIN." 

GEE              (Pronounced with a hard "G"); Someone of Portuguese descent. See PORTAGEE. 

Close to running out of patience. Being pushed too far. 

GET NEXT TO              Become intimate with: "I’d like to GET NEXT TO dat longtail?" 

GINGER BURR              The other half of a Dark 'n Stormy. 

GIRT              Of immense size; huge: "He caught one GIRT marlin!" 

GIRT BIG              Larger than GIRT: "Chingas, what a GIRT BIG marlin!" 

GO HEAD              You must be kidding; I don't believe you!: "Politicians really care about you." "Bye, GO HEAD!" 

GOMBEYS              Street performers dressed in colourful costumes, capped with peacock feathers - who dance on public holidays to a distinctive beat. 

GO EUROPE              Vomit: "What happened to Ralph?" "He's GONE EUROPE, hah! hah!" 

GOT-IT-COVERED              Under control: "Need help?" "Nah, GOT-IT-COVERED" 

I understand, no problem: "Do you know what to do?" "GOTCHYEW-COVERED!" 

GOT SOME CRUST              Cheeky, too big for your britches. 

GREEZE              1) Food in general/ "Goin shoppin for some GREEZE" 
2) A meal, especially large and fulfilling and always good: "Man, I'm hungry! Let's go for a GREEZE!" 
3) To eat: "Don't bother me while I'm GREEZIN" 

GRIBBLE              Irritable, Disagreeable: "Bye, you're always GRIBBLE first thing in de mornin." 



HAAD  (Rhymes with God) 
1) Tough: "Mike Tyson is HAAD" 
2) See CRUCIAL. 


To lose out, reach the end of the line, run out of luck, get in trouble, worn out, tired, finished, the end. 

HAMMA              A greeting usually used by someone older than the person being addressed. 

HEEL              A natural rise or elevation: "Gotta go up de HEEL" 

HOOK              1) Turn: "Go to de top f de heel and HOOK lef" 
2) Travel very fast" "He came HOCKIN ron de corner nn struck de wall." 
3) Fight. 
4) The anchor in Crown & Anchor: "Put $5 on de HOOK." 

HOOK ME UP              Do me a favour: "I need a dollar. HOOK ME UP." 

HOOKER              Modified muffler and downpipe for a moped. 

HORSPITTLE              King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) 

HOT              Drunk: "I'm HALF HOT nawh, but a couple of more burrs and I'll be FULL HOT!" 

HOWSIN              What the PLP thinks the UBP doesn't care about. 

Stop giving me a hard time, stop treating me like a stepchild. 

HUR              1) Not THUR 
2) What bald people don't have. 

HURT MY HEAD              Cause brain strain, great mental anguish: "Most garrls HURT MY HEAD."



IGGRUNT              Stupid. 

I'M              I have: "I'M gotta wideo."

  I'M BIN              I have for a long time/ a long time ago: "I'M BIN had a wideo." "I'M BIN seen that movie." 

IMMYGRAHNT               What St. David's Islanders call people who move to St. David's to live. 

INNA / INNIT              Is/was that not so: "That was good, INNA?" 

I'M TELLIN YOU              Added to a statement for extra emphasis. "You shoulda bin up Oasis last night, I'M TELLIN YOU." 

"I think I like him." 



JAMMIN              See RINGIN. 

JUST COOL              Quite well, thank you: "Wopnin?" "JUST COOL." 

Solely to cause trouble or be difficult: "We bye wrote this book JUST-FOR-THE-PURPOSE." 



KARKEY              Dust coloured, dull yellow, tan: "KARKEY shorts are part of summer uniform." 

KICKS              Shoes. 

KILLICK              An anchor, home-made, with a big rock and a rope. 

KNOTS              What Almond Joy's have but Mounds don't.



LACKS-TRISITY              What you pay BALCO for. 

LARGE              A V.I.P. - "I'm LARGE ron Court Street." 

LICK              1) Move quickly 
2) Act quickly: "They can really LICK up those pre-fab houses, inna?" 

LID              Crash helmet. Also SKIDLID. 

LONGTAIL              Young, unattached female tourists. 

LYE-BERRY              A place with lots of books in it



MANGAS              Mangoes. 

A woman with huge breasts. 

MAKE A RUN              Go somewhere to get something which you need immediately: "We've run out of rum n cigarettes!!! Who'll MAKE A RUN?" 

MAKE IT              Get out of here. 

MAKE THE NIP              Successfully negotiate a difficult maneuver, usually while driving: "I couldn't MAKE THE NIP an I struck de wall."

MAKE OFF              Become agitated and verbally abusive, more than just ACTIN UP: "Gandhi acted up but he didn't MAKE OFF." 

MASS              Untidy: "Bye, dis place is a MASS." 

MATE              See BIRD. 

MAY 24TH              Now officially called Bermuda Day - was formerly the Queen's Birthday. Traditionally the first day Bermudians go swimming. 

MICEIN              See MYSIN. 

MINDRAL              Carbonated soft drink, soda pop: "I like grape MINDRAL." 

MINJAL              See MINDRAL. 

MINES              That which belongs to me. 

MOHAWK              St. David's Islanders or someone acting like one. 

MORNING PAPER              The Royal Gazette; the only daily paper. 

MY BOY              1) Refers to the person being discussed, always in glowing terms: "I went to see Gene and MY BOY lent me $100." 
2) See ACE BOY. 

MYOMMA              My mother. 

MYSIN              Not paying attention - daydreaming: "That cat's MYSIN. He doesn't see the dog coming." 



NAHW              Now. 

NAWER              Never. 

NO-BYE-NO              See BYE-NO-BYE.



OASIS              The nightclub overlooking Hamilton harbour from Front Street. Good for picking up tail. 

OHGLY              Unattractive in the extreme, more than just ugly: "That longtail is OHGLY!" 

OH-DE-PAIN              What a terrible shame, it hurts to hear it: "Trojans lost to Vasco? OH-DE-PAIN!" 

ONE-TIME              In one motion: "Dat beef-pie was good. I ate it ONE-TIME!" 

ON A MISSION              Going somewhere to do something: "Can't stop now, I'm ON A MISSION." 

ONION              A Bermudian, born and bred: at the turn of the century we were exporting onions and Easter lilies. We'd rather be called onions. 

ONLIEST              The most only: "I went to a party last night and I was the ONLIEST one I knew." 

OUTSIDE CHILDREN              Illegitimate offspring.



PACIFIC              Definite, certain: "We'd like to be more PACIFIC but it's a hard vurd to define." 

PAHND              Unit of English currency. 

PAINK              Paint: "Many Bermudians PAINK their houses pink." 

PAPER BERMUDIAN             Not a born Bermudian. An ex-pat who has ben granted status. 

PARISH BULL             A man who has several outside children. 

PEEZIN                 1) Sneaking: "I cam PEEZIN into the house at 4 a.m." 
2) Throwing hard, very fast, usually at something/someone" "Rioters like PEEZIN rocks at police."
3) DUCK 'N PEEZE: Beat a hasty retreat. 

PIE                   Beef pie: "You want some mayonnaise to your PIE?" 

PINT             Spanish Point. 

PITCH A HOT             Get drunk. 

PAWN, DE            1) Atlantic Ocean: "I'm going 'cross DE PAWN to do my Christmas shopping" 
2) Pembroke Marsh. 

PAWN DOG            1) Uncouth slob. 
2) Someone who lives near de pawn (not necessarily both). 

PLENTY MUCH              (Portuguese-Bermudian) Sufficient. 

POP             See BURR. 

PORTAGEE BEER             Any beer in quart size bottles. 

POSSE             Your friends. 

PULL             Chat up or corn a girl to leave with you. 

PURR            1) Two-of-a-kind: "She's got a nice PURR!" 
2) Type of fruit: "Awocado PURR." 

PUT THE HURT TO             Make someone TAKE LICKS or FEEL CHEAP: "New Zealand PUT THE HURT TO Dennis Conner in the 1995 America's Cup." 

PUT THE MUNCH ON             Kiss aggressively. (Unacceptable in daylight). 

PUT THE PRICE UP             Go whoring in New York.



QWER             Gay (we don't mean happy).



RACK ROAD             Wreck Road. Sandy's Parish.

RAD             Extremely drunk or high: "I was so RAD I couldn't talk."

RANK             Bad, awful: "Bye, dis food is RANK." "Don't tell RANK jokes in front of females."


RAWNG             Naughty, bawdy, prankish: "Bye, you're RAWNG, Bye."


RESAPSHUN             An event held after a VADDIN with lots of booze and food.


RINGIN             1) Traveling very fast.

                        2)Stinging, hurting: "my deddy dealt me a RINGIN slap that hurt for daze."


ROACH COACH             Originally the lunchwagon in the parking lot on Front Street, opposite King Street, now any lunchwagon.


ROAD RASH             A skin disease common amongst tourists brave enough to rent mopeds.


ROCK, DE             1) Bermuda.

                        2) The rock 200 yards out at Horseshoe Bay from which you dive if you're haad.


ROCK FEVER             A psychological problem resulting from being on the island for too long a stretch (i.e. more than 10 months). Depression and lethargy become over-powering often resulting in mad drinking binges, sudden screaming for no apparent reason, staying out all night then going straight to work without a shower, etc... this malady can only be contracted by those who have been off the island and can only be cured by getting off again.


RON             Round, around: "RON de corner."


RON-DE-ILAN-RACE             Annual Bermuda Powerboat Association Race around the island.


RUDE DRINK             A stiff alcoholic beverage.



SAHN             Harrington Sound: sometimes called the Great Sound.



                        A hot oppressive summer day such as that on which Sally Bassett was put to death.


SACK             Warwick Secondary School.


SANDS             1) Sandy's Secondary School.

                        2) Sandy's Parish.


SASHUN             Party.


SAWF             Not HAAD.


SCAAF             Rectangular piece of cloth worn on the head: usually over curlers.


SEA-PUDDIN             A sedentary sea thing that looks a bit like an old piece of tyre and squirts water when you squeeze it.


SED-DEE             The day before Sunday.


SET             See SASHUN.


SHAIDS             Sunglasses.


SHARK OIL             An old Bermudian method of weather prediction. Usually more accurate than modern technology.


SHARP             See SPORTY.


SHARRY-PAPPAHS             A splash of spice to enhance your black-rum and fish chowder.


SHE             Third person singular (all genders): "Harry won a lot at Crown and Anchors Sed-dee. SHE's a skiller, I'm tellin you!"


SHIT-BIBBLER             Bream (type of fish).


SHOT             Well done: "You got a longtail last night? SHOT!"


SHREE             3.



                        All the way: Specifically:-

1)       Get married.

2)       2) Get laid

3)       3) Get full hot

4)       4) Die "He went SHREW DE TREES last night."


SILVER CITY                         Somerset to Westenders.


SILVER GREY             That model of Mobylette with the gas tank under the seat, no matter what colour it is: "Check that red SILVER GREY!"


SIXTH-FORM             See DE COLLEGE.



                        Looking for a one night stand: "Arrybody goes SKANKIN during College Weeks!"


SKEEMA             Someone trying to be a HONEY.


SKILLA Someone who is SHARP, STIFF, CRUCIAL or HAAD: "My boy's a SKILLA!"


SKIN CLOFF             Face cloth, wash cloth, etc.


SKIRT             1) See Daughter.

                        2) Girlfriend.


SKURD             Frightened.


SKUTTLE             1) Octopus

                        2) Derogatory term.


SKWALK             Laugh or smile: "Reading this book will make you SKWALK."


SKWER             An equilateral rectangle.


SLACK             Not HAAD.


SLAPPED             To have been asleep: "That movie was so boring I SLAPPED right shrew it."

SLYT             See SLACK.



                        A sexual encounter with someone other than your regular partner.


SORE             Past tense of see: "I SORE you on de street and you didn't even wave!"


SPADED             Neutered: "You get your dog SPADED and his license will costes less."


SPARROW             A young unattached local female.


SPEAK             To greet/acknowledge in public not necessarily vocally (waving, horn tooting, etc.): "I saw you in tawn an you didn't even SPEAK!"


STAR             See SPORT.


SPORTY             See STIFF.


SQUIGGLY             Pretty, available women, or, more commonly, pretty women that you wish were available.


STAR             See BOSS.


STATUE             (Portuguese-Bermudian) hello: "Hey Joe, STATUE?"


STINKY             Slut or slutish: "Bye, she's a real STINKY!"


THE STOCK MARKET             The collection of Crown and Anchor tables under a tent at a cricket game.


SUCK-ROCK             A sea creature that looks like a headless armadillo sucking on a rock.


SWEETS ME             Pleases and impresses: "Good fish chowder SWEETS ME."


SWIZZLE             A deadly rum punch.



TACKIN             See LICK.


TAKE A DACK             Fall down, unintentionally: "De road wuz vet and I TOOK A DACK."


TAKE AN ATTITUDE             Become irritable and uncooperative, GRIBBLE: "She TAKES AN ATTITUDE too quick."


TAKES LICKS             Be thoroughly trounced or beaten: "Iraq TOOK LICKS in de Golf war."


TAIL             See LONGTAIL.


TALCO             Bermujun Ma Bell.


TAN             9 + 1


TAWN/TAHN             The city of Hamilton.



                        I just proved myself right; You've got some crust doubting me.


TIRED             1) Lazy: "Most Bermudians are TIRED."

                        2) Slow: "That bike is TIRED"

                        3) Of inferior quality

                        4) See SLACK.


TITE             Too bad, tough luck.


TO             Refers to location; In, on or at - rather than motion: "Bye, put some more rum TO that drink!" "Where are my keys TO?"


THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS             Only refers to the lights at the Paget junction of Middle Road and South Shore Road - for many years, they were the only set of traffic lights on the island.


TUNIN             See RINGIN


20 M.P.H.             30 m.p.h (or more).




                        Subservient to one's lover/spouse/parent to the point of the subject of ridicule: HE:"Isn't this a great party?" SHE:"Let's go home now." HE:"Yes, dear" He is UNDER HEAVY MANNERS.


UM UM             Has no particular meaning. It's just inserted into conversation to give the speaker time to think of something to say.


UP DE COUNTRY             Westwards, towards Somerset: "Cup Match is UP DE COUNTRY this year."



VADDIN             A nuptial ceremony.


VAL             Very satisfactory: "This wahoo tastes VAL."


VANSADEE             Midweek, humpday.


VATCH             1) A piece of jewellery for the wrist. 2) To look at: "Vatch watchu doin before I whale on you!"


VE             The same as us.


VEDGY             Girls - not to be confused with the abbreviation of vegetables, as in: "If you want to be big and strong, yous gots to to eat lots of veggies."


VEELS             Method of transportation: "I can't come out tonight; I got booked and they took my VEELS."


VERSE             What it gets before it gets better.


VEXT             Very angry: "I got caught speedin. Bye, fack I'm VEXT!"


VOOMAN             Angry reference to a female: "Look VOOMAN, watcha do to my car?!"


VOOSE             Throw hard. See PEEZIN.


VOT             Interrogative pronoun.


WURDS             Vot you're reading.


VURLD             Bermuda is another VURLD.



WALLY             A large green lizard that hangs around on the walls of your house (outside, hopefully).


WARM             1) To quickly beat the crap out of: "He struck me, so I WARMED him!"

                        2) To quickly have the crap beaten out of: "Mike Tyson WARMED just about all his opponents."


WAXT             See VEXT.


WEAR YOU TO             Where are you?


WEBB             To peek illicitly: "Stop WEBBIN at my cards!" "Mirrored shades are crisp for WEBBIN at de longtails."


WHAAT?!             Are you kidding!: "Did I whale her? WHAAT!"


WHALE             1) See WARM

                        2) To fornicate vigorously: "Bye, Phil just WHALED that longtail!"


WHATCHANAME             Thingamajig, whatchamacallit, dooflicky, etc.


WASHENAME?              What is his/her name?


WHERE YOU STAY             What is the location of your domicile?


WIDEO             Video cassette recorder or video cassette tape: "Ve vatch WIDEOS on our WIDEO."


WHO BEAT             Who won?


WOFFLESS             Completely without value.


WOPNIN             ?que pasa?


WORD             Strange, unusual: "Boy George is WORD."



THE X             The Ex-Artillerymen's Club



YOU LOT             The group to whom you are speaking: "Wopnin YOU LOT?"


YOUR BOY             Refers to the person being discussed, usually in unglowing terms: "I went to see Gene and YOUR BOY wouldn't lend me any dollahs." Also used when the speaker is less familiar with the subject than the speakee (compare with MY BOY)


YUCK             1) Snatch or pull quickly: "To get your kite up yous gots to give lots of little YUCKS on de string. When de vind dies dahn, yous got to give it some big YUCKS."

                        2) To turn hard: "This bus was comin at me an I only just YUCKED out of de way in time."


YURRS             1) Not MINES

                        2) Many months.



ZAPPNIN             See WOPNIN.

What???!!!   You ax-pacted more?   Eez-me-up!