Melina Fan
Executive Director, Addgene
Chief Scientist, LabLife

Melina Fan is the Executive Director and Founder of Addgene, a non-profit organization that archives and distributes plasmids, DNA-based tools that biologists use to study gene function. Addgene aims to build a central repository of useful plasmids from published experiments. Addgene's service significantly lowers the barrier to sharing research results in the academic community.

Melina Fan received her Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School in 2004. While at Harvard, she studied diabetes and metabolism. She has worked at Genetics Institute in Cambridge, MA, and Sequana Therapeutics in San Diego, CA. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from MIT.

See Melina Fan's publications here.

In 2009 Addgene spun-off LabLife platform to help labs and scientists become more efficient, organized, and connected. See LabLife's Product Search for catalogs of lab supplies (e.g.Addgene, Fisher< /a>, etc), Community Page, Shared Materials, Shared Protocols.