`C and tcc Documentation and Publications

The `C Tutorial

Dawson Engler and Massimiliano Poletto. A `C Tutorial. June 1997.
This tutorial describes `C as it was defined in June 1997, and also presents several examples and applications of `C. There have since been a few minor changes, which are described in a
1999 TOPLAS paper.
Available as gzipped PS.

Published Papers about `C and tcc

All papers about `C and tcc, as well as our other papers on dynamic code generation, are available through the PDOS publications page.

Other Stuff

Massimiliano Poletto. Language and compiler support for dynamic code generation. Ph.D. thesis, MIT, June 1999.
Available as PDFPSgzipped PS.

Massimiliano Poletto. `C and tcc: A Language and Compiler for High-Level, Efficient Dynamic Code Generation. These are slides for a talk given at a Harvard computer science colloquium, April 1996.
Available as gzipped PS.

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