An Experimental Flow-Controlled Multicast ATM Switch

T. Blackwell, K. Chan, K. Chang, T. Charuhas, B. Karp, H. T. Kung, D. Lin, R. Morris, M. Seltzer, M. Smith, and C. Young, O. Bahgat, M. Chaar, A. Chapman, G. Depelteau, K. Grimble, S. Huang, P. Hung, M. Kemp, I. Mahna, J. McLaughlin, T. Ng, J. Vincent, and J. Watchorn

Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on Telecommunications R&D in Massachusetts. October, 1994.


Bell-Northern Research and Harvard have jointly designed an experimental ATM switch called CreditSwitch with sixteen 622-Mbps ports. Expected to be operational in early 1995, the switch will support credit-based flow control and full-speed multicast. This paper gives a brief over- view of the switch architecture and its design goals.

PostScript, PDF.