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p2psim: accordion faq

What is Accordion?
The Accordion protocol is described in a NSDI'05 paper.

How do I run Accordion?
You can run it like any other protocol, but you can also use our run-simulations.pl script:

scripts/run-simulations.pl --protocol Accordion \
                           --topology your_favorate_topology_file \
                           --logdir . --args examples/accordion_args

What do Accordion protocol parameters mean?
A typical Accordion protocol file looks like this:

Accordion successors=16 basictimer=144000 burst=100 initstate=1 overhead_rate=8

Accordion uses the same sucessor stabilization method as Chord. successors=8 specifies the number of successors and basictimer=144000 specifies how often (144 sec) an Accordion node should contact its successor to check its liveness.

Accordion bounds the overhead traffic to be 8 bytes/second with a burst size of 8*100 bytes. The overhead traffic consists of successor stabilization messages, active exploration messages to acquire more state, parallel (or non-parallel) lookup messages including both originated and forwarded lookup traffic.