Reviewing Standards for ISCA 2002

Papers submitted to ISCA are expected to be original, innovative works. Papers should be approximately 6000 words in length (which is about 20 pages with an 11pt font, 1.5 line spacing).

The review process consists of four steps.

  1. You should read the paper and enter your review information. You can continue to return and edit your review information until the end of the review period, as long as you have not "finalized" it.

  2. When you are done with your review "finalize" it using the first menu selection, labeled "Are you done with your review".

  3. When all reviews are finished, authors will be able to read the section labeled "Comments for the author". They will then be able to respond to those comments. That is the only information that authors will see.

  4. During program committee meeting, PC members will use all the review information and the information provided by the author to select papers for the conference.

When you review a paper, there are several things you need to tell us. This list follows the list of questions on the review form. When you change an entry on the form, you need to click the button labeled "Submit your paper review". If you leave the page without clicking that button, your review entry will not be stored.