The Logical Disk

These pages contain information about the Logical Disk system (LD), a new interface to disk storage that separates file management and disk management. They also contain the source distribution for a log-structured prototype implementation of the Logical Disk (LLD), using a Minix file system as its client.

The LLD prototype and the Minix file system are linked into one executable (MinixLLD). MinixLLD runs as a UNIX user process on Sun workstations and can use a file or a raw disk partition to store data. Although the MinixLLD prototype runs only under SunOS 4.1.3, we expect that LLD will run on most BSD-like operating systems with minor changes.

MinixLLD is intended as a file system for experimentation and evaluating research questions. It is not ready to be used as a production file system. We can not make any guarantees in any way. Please refer to the Logical Disk and Minix copright notices.

More information about LD:

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