Detailed information about what has changed can be found in the CVS changelog for exopc.

Recent changes include:

buffer cache code handles low-memory situations better
fix many TCP timeout/retransmission problems
first stab at fsck up and running
dirent corruption because of off-by-one name length error fixed
filesystem quotas
fixed bug with init not noticing it had become the parent of a process
mmap file reference count fix when unmapping a segment
stop using globals in CFFS so we can support multiple fs's at once
fix mount code to support multuple mounts at once
fix exos_lock/exos_unlock to deal with proc's dying while holding locks and fix a typo in test_and_set so that it really works correctly
vpage structs no longer mapped read-only into user space
many user-level changes to handle low-memory/paging rather than just asserting
mapping a buffer now requires access to the underlying disk block, not the page containing the block
flock exos call added
fix loopback interface. should work again.