Exokernels (or, making the operating system just another application library)


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Table of Contents

Exokernels (or, making the operating system just another application library)

A motivating example

Traditional OS structure

Exokernel: application control

Exokernels in a nutshell

How to give control

Focusing questions

The rest of the talk

Exokernel Architecture

Application networking

DPF: Network Multiplexing

DPF: A compiler hacker’s dream

Library file systems

Why block-level protection?

Disk protection: exokernel vs. microkernel

Correctness (I)

Correctness (II)

THE problem: access control

General solution

Using UDFs: ad hoc induction

How things work “for real”

The Story So Far

Can you build a real system?

Xok/ExOS: A Real OS

C-FFS: A Fast LibFS

Protected methods in C-FFS

Experimental questions

Experimental Methodology

Do normal applications need to manage resources to benefit?

Normal Applications Benefit

Is exokernel flexibility costly?

Exo-flexibility is not costly

Nano, pico, exo, endo, whatever. Does OS structure matter!?

The Cheetah Web Server

What about global performance?

Issues in Global Performance

Optimization = More Resources

Experiential debris

Conclusions so far...

Technology transfer

Do exokernels speed inovation?

Analogy: Compilers

Exokernel: easy innovation

What about Linux/FreeBSD?


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