6.824 Schedule: Spring 2005

Tues/Thurs, 1-2:30, 32-155

The links to lecture/discussion notes are from previous years, so they are only a rough guide to what will happen this year.

Day Lecture Handout Paper Due
Tue Feb 1 Intro, RPC(1) l01a.c rx.x rc.C rs.C Lab 1 Project none  
Thu Feb 3 NFS nfs-trace.txt NFS  
Tue Feb 8 RPC (2) Lab 2 NFS Toolkit, Notes Lab 1
Thu Feb 10 I/O Concurrency syscall.c webserver.c Interaction, skip Sections 3 and 4, Notes  
Tue Feb 15 Events events.c Flash, Notes Team Lists
Thu Feb 17 Crash Recovery   Cedar File System, Notes Lab 2
Tue Feb 22 Virtual Monday (no class)      
Thu Feb 24 Logging   Echo (just Sec 1 to 4), Notes Lab 3
Tue Mar 1 Cache Consistency and Locking Porcupine, Notes Project Proposals
Thu Mar 3 Cryptographic Primitives   Backtracking Intrusions, Notes Lab 4
Tue Mar 8 Project Conferences (no class)      
Thu Mar 10 SSL SSL OKWS, Notes  
Tue Mar 15 Key Management   XOM, Notes Lab 5
Thu Mar 17 Quiz One    
Tue Mar 22 Spring Break      
Thu Mar 24 Spring Break      
Tue Mar 29 No Class      
Thu Mar 31 Memory Consistency (1)   Hypervisor, Notes Project Report Draft 1
Tue Apr 5 Project Conferences (no class)      
Thu Apr 7 Memory Consistency (2)   Ivy DSM, Notes  
Tue Apr 12 Version Vectors   Treadmarks, Notes  
Thu Apr 14 Two-Phase Commit   Tra, Notes Project Report Draft 2
Tue Apr 19 Patriot's Day (no class)      
Thu Apr 21 Paxos   FAB, Notes  
Tue Apr 26 Viewstamped Replication   Quicksilver, Notes  
Thu Apr 28 Frangipani   Frangipani  
Tue May 3 Quiz Two      
Thu May 5 Project Demo Day      
Tue May 10 Harp   SUNDR  
Thu May 12 No Class: Project Hacking Day     Projects Due