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News (Dec 27): You can find a copy of each of the project reports here.

News (Dec 21): Here are the answers to this year's final exam.

News (Dec 12): You can find a copy of last year's final here.

News (Dec 5): The PC meeting page has been posted. It contains the final reading assignments for the term.

News (Dec 3): The deadline for the final project has been extended to Thursday, Dec. 6. Please follow the final project guidelines when turning in your project. In addition: please hand in an anonymized copy of your paper (store it in the same directory as your attributed paper and name it "".

News (Oct 28): The midterm will be held on Tuesday at 1 pm in 6-120 (the usual time and place). You'll have the entire 80 minutes to do the exam. It will be open paper, so bring printouts of all the papers we've read so far. You can bring other documents, including books, if you like. Please do not use any electronic devices during the exam, other than wrist watches.

News (Oct 25): You can find a copy of last year's midterm exam here.

News (Oct 11): A preliminary list of groups has been posted here. Please check to see that you have registered your group with us. If you are in a group of two please try to combine with another group of two or add one of those students not in any group to your group.

News (Oct 3): The guidelines for the final project are available here. The first relevant deadline is October 11th, when you have to tell us who is in your 3- or 4-member team.

News (Sep 27): The final exam will be Tuesday December 18th, 9am, in Dupont. For students who have another exam then we will arrange an alternate time.

6.824 has a new extension policy. Each student may use up to 72 hours of extension time, total. You may divide this time up however you like among the remaining labs. The due date for the final project may not be extended due to Institute rules.

What is 6.824 about?

6.824 is a core 12-unit graduate subject with lectures, labs, and quizzes. It will present abstractions and implementation techniques that allow the design of Internet systems that can deal with real-world workload. Topics include server design, network programming, naming, storage systems, security, and fault tolerance.

Prereq: 6.033 (or equivalent) and substantial programming experience with C/C++ for lab assignments and final project .

If you feel you know enough about systems engineering, an alternative subject to 6.824 is 6.829. 6.829 focuses on the engineering of networks. If you are a graduate student in systems or networking, we recommend you take both classes during your graduate career. You should not take them both in the same term, though, since both have heavy-duty projects.

Questions or comments regarding 6.824? Send e-mail to the TA at

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