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Chapter 17 80386 Instruction Set

This chapter presents instructions for the 80386 in alphabetical order. For each instruction, the forms are given for each operand combination, including object code produced, operands required, execution time, and a description. For each instruction, there is an operational description and a summary of exceptions generated.

17.1 Operand-Size and Address-Size Attributes
17.2 Instruction Format

Instruction Set

AAA ASCII Adjust after Addition
AAD ASCII Adjust AX before Division
AAM ASCII Adjust AX after Multiply
AAS ASCII Adjust AL after Subtraction
ADC Add with Carry
AND Logical AND
ARPL Adjust RPL Field of Selector
BOUND Check Array Index Against Bounds
BSF Bit Scan Forward
BSR Bit Scan Reverse
BT Bit Test
BTC Bit Test and Complement
BTR Bit Test and Reset
BTS Bit Test and Set
CALL Call Procedure
CBW/CWDE Convert Byte to Word/Convert Word to Doubleword
CLC Clear Carry Flag
CLD Clear Direction Flag
CLI Clear Interrupt Flag
CLTS Clear Task-Switched Flag in CR0
CMC Complement Carry Flag
CMP Compare Two Operands
CMPS/CMPSB/CMPSW/CMPSD Compare String Operands
CWD/CDQ Convert Word to Doubleword/Convert Doubleword to Quadword
DAA Decimal Adjust AL after Addition
DAS Decimal Adjust AL after Subtraction
DEC Decrement by 1
DIV Unsigned Divide
ENTER Make Stack Frame for Procedure Parameters
HLT Halt
IDIV Signed Divide
IMUL Signed Multiply
IN Input from Port
INC Increment by 1
INS/INSB/INSW/INSD Input from Port to String
INT/INTO Call to Interrupt Procedure
IRET/IRETD Interrupt Return
Jcc Jump if Condition is Met
JMP Jump
LAHF Load Flags into AH Register
LAR Load Access Rights Byte
LEA Load Effective Address
LEAVE High Level Procedure Exit
LGDT/LIDT Load Global/Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
LGS/LSS/LDS/LES/LFS Load Full Pointer
LLDT Load Local Descriptor Table Register
LMSW Load Machine Status Word
LOCK Assert LOCK# Signal Prefix
LOOP/LOOPcond Loop Control with CX Counter
LSL Load Segment Limit
LTR Load Task Register
MOV Move Data
MOV Move to/from Special Registers
MOVS/MOVSB/MOVSW/MOVSD Move Data from String to String
MOVSX Move with Sign-Extend
MOVZX Move with Zero-Extend
MUL Unsigned Multiplication of AL or AX
NEG Two's Complement Negation
NOP No Operation
NOT One's Complement Negation
OR Logical Inclusive OR
OUT Output to Port
OUTS/OUTSB/OUTSW/OUTSD Output String to Port
POP Pop a Word from the Stack
POPA/POPAD Pop all General Registers
POPF/POPFD Pop Stack into FLAGS or EFLAGS Register
PUSH Push Operand onto the Stack
PUSHA/PUSHAD Push all General Registers
PUSHF/PUSHFD Push Flags Register onto the Stack
REP/REPE/REPZ/REPNE/REPNZ Repeat Following String Operation
RET Return from Procedure
SAHF Store AH into Flags
SAL/SAR/SHL/SHR Shift Instructions
SBB Integer Subtraction with Borrow
SETcc Byte Set on Condition
SGDT/SIDT Store Global/Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
SHLD Double Precision Shift Left
SHRD Double Precision Shift Right
SLDT Store Local Descriptor Table Register
SMSW Store Machine Status Word
STC Set Carry Flag
STD Set Direction Flag
STI Set Interrupt Flag
STR Store Task Register
SUB Integer Subtraction
TEST Logical Compare
VERR, VERW Verify a Segment for Reading or Writing
WAIT Wait until BUSY# Pin is Inactive (HIGH)
XCHG Exchange Register/Memory with Register
XLAT/XLATB Table Look-up Translation
XOR Logical Exclusive OR

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