Students at Sharif University get a paper accepted 
I just wanted to take a moment to sum up a little SCIgen-related story out of Iran that's come to my attention. PhD students at Sharif University, apparently fed up with their school's policies regarding how published papers are considered for their thesis requirements, used SCIgen to submit a paper to the Elsevier journal, Applied Mathematics and Computation:

Cooperative, Compact Algorithms for Randomized Algorithms
by Rohollah Mosallahnezhad, Iran Institute of Technology

I'm told that the author's name roughly translates to "from armed breed (race)" in Farsi (apparently as a jab against the European and US editors about the alleged nuclear threat of Iran), and that the institution is fictional as well. Anyhow, as you might guess, this paper was accepted by the journal as an "article in proof," and they even provided an edited and formatted article proof, along with an awesome set of corrections to be resolved. For several weeks it was listed as being in an editing phase.

However, the Iranian students felt that by getting the paper accepted, they had made their point, and announced to their colleagues that the paper was accepted, as proof to their university that the AMC journal did not really have any quality control, and that publications in that journal shouldn't be considered as seriously when judging the performance of PhD students. Presumably, one of these colleagues alerted the journal to their error, and now the journal has retracted the acceptance of the paper, complete with a note of apology from the editor.


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