Another SCIgen publication 
I just received word of a new SCIgen-based publication, this time in a Turkish media design conference. It was submitted by Professor Genco Gülan of Yeditepe University in Turkey. The title of the paper is "I/O Automata No Longer Considered Harmful" describing a system called Thumper, and it appears in the proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium of Interactive Media Design, pages 103-107, published in 2005 by the Yeditepe University Publication House. The conference website is here; however the online proceedings don't seem to include the paper. Professor Gülan was kind enough to mail me a print proceedings of the conference, however, and the paper is indeed in there.

Gülan made a presentation on "Problems of Interactivity in Education" at the conference last winter, and then he generated this paper while they were preparing the print proceedings and submitted it "as an example: both to show the problems of academy and the possibilities of electronic interactivity." The author also added his own digital art works at the end of the paper, to give reference to visual arts. An amazing thing about this paper is that Professor Gülan added an endnote to the paper explaining that it was randomly generated by SCIgen, and it was still accepted! According to the good professor, this is a "OK" conference in his area in terms of quality, but apparently they don't read their submissions.

Of course, even if they had it read it, I'm sure it would have been accepted anyway. I mean, how could they refuse a paper where the authors "added 8kB/s of Ethernet access to UC Berkeley's mobile telephones to better understand methodologies"? That's just good science.

- Jeremy

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